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Making healthier food choices

March 22, 2019

Making healthier food choices

How to choose healthy alternatives to processed foods without added fats and sugar.

Many of us recommit to a healthier diet as spring approaches and the thought of bathing suits looms. In addition to being waistline-friendly, there are many delicious alternatives to everyday staples that also have benefits to strengthen and protect the heart. Stephanie Casper, registered dietitian at White Plains Medical and Wellness in Armonk, offers some easy swaps for a healthier choice.

“Don’t knock it until you try it,” she says. “All of these options, in addition to being nutrient dense and satisfying, taste delicious and fresh. Once you start making unprocessed whole foods part of your daily diet, you will soon see that you lose your taste for processed foods with added fats and sugar.”

Instead of: Choose:
Candy Almonds, walnuts, berries
Butter Olive oil
Pasta or white rice Quinoa or whole grains
Red meat Salmon or other fatty fish
Beef chili Vegetarian chili
Milk chocolate Dark chocolate
Potato chips Kale chips or popcorn
Soda Seltzer
Sour cream dip Guacamole

To make an appointment with a dietitian or cardiologist at White Plains Hospital Medical & Wellness in Armonk, call (914) 849-7900.

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