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Research by White Plains Hospital, in Partnership with Rye YMCA and LIVESTRONG® Investigates Effects of Diet and Exercise on Cancer Outcomes

November 12, 2018

White Plains Hospital, in partnership with the Rye YMCA, is continuing a clinical research study with the LIVESTRONG┬« Foundation investigating the effects of exercise and nutritional intervention on the outcomes and well-being of cancer patients.  

Participants receive education from a registered dietician and are randomly assigned to start a LIVESTRONG three month exercise program within either 1-6 months of study entry, or within 12-18 months of study entry.  The exercise program will take place at the YMCA facility in Rye, New York.

Every participant completes a health questionnaire and has blood work taken at the start, along with height and weight measurements.  They will receive nutrition consultation shortly after they join the study.
The study is free of charge for all those who meet eligibility requirements. To be eligible, participants must have been diagnosed with cancer within the last three months, and be able to get to the Rye YMCA or the White Plains Hospital Center for Cancer Care.

To inquire about eligibility or for more information, contact Catherine Reilly, MPH, RN, Clinical Research Nurse at the White Plains Hospital Center for Cancer Care, at (914) 849-7515 or