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White Plains Hospital recognizes and thanks its veterans

November 9, 2018

White Plains Hospital recognizes and thanks its veterans

Photo of some of our veterans on Veterans Day 2017

Veterans contribute to the safe, exceptional delivery of health care at White Plains Hospital

On Veterans Day, we want to acknowledge our military veteran employees for their service to our country and our Hospital. At White Plains Hospital, veterans serve in a number of departments and services including Biomed, IT, Labor and Delivery, Laboratory, Pain Management, Volunteer Services, Security and Environmental Services—where they consistently go above and beyond to contribute to the exceptional patient care we deliver every day.

How do they do this?

Employees who work in the healthcare field adapt quickly to changing circumstances— from sad events to joyful events— bringing the appropriate skills to each situation.

They are also mission-driven. They understand goals and move forward to achieve them, even in an environment that can often be unsteady. Throughout, they maintain a singular focus on the patient’s well-being.

Our veterans embody these qualities.

That is why we take the time to thank all of our employees and volunteers who have served in the military. They have put their country first, and now we are proud to have them at our Hospital putting our patients first, every day.