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White Plains Hospital MAKO Robotic Surgery

July 2, 2019

White Plains Hospital MAKO Robotic Surgery

Less pain and faster recovery are among the benefits of arm-assisted robotic surgery for joint replacement.

When you injure your knee, or experience a medical condition that causes knee pain, it’s important to follow-up with a medical professional. Oftentimes, the first line of treatment is medication and physical therapy. However, when a patient has severe, chronic knee pain and damage to the joint, knee replacement surgery can provide relief and help restore function when other options prove ineffective.

Knee replacement surgery involves taking out the damaged portions of the knee, such as cartilage and bone, and replacing them with metal and plastic. When only some of the knee is affected, a partial knee replacement may be an option. This involves removing only the diseased bone and cartilage while saving the healthy parts of the knee.

Advanced technology is evolving to allow medical professionals to perform full and partial knee replacement more precisely, offering patients less pain and faster recovery times. Specifically, robotic surgery, or robot-assisted surgery, has provided new options for patients and doctors alike. At White Plains Hospital, we provide the highest level of orthopedic care by performing a variety of joint replacement surgeries through robot-assisted technology. Our latest addition to robotics at White Plains Hospital is the MAKO arm-assisted robotic surgery for joint replacement of the hip and knee.

What Makes MAKO® Technology Unique?

At White Plains Hospital, our orthopedic surgeons use state-of-the-art methods, including the Mako® arthroplasty system, an arm-assisted robotic surgery technique that allows for precise and individualized surgery.

A partial knee replacement with the MAKO system has many benefits for the patient. By facilitating more precise bone removal and implant placement, it can shorten hospital stays and recovery times, reducing pain in the days and weeks following surgery.

Preparing for Surgery

If you made the decision to move forward with joint replacement orthopedic surgery at White Plains Hospital, it’s important to review our joint replacement guide, which covers everything you need to know for before, during and after your surgery.