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Today’s the Day – So Kick the Habit!

Dr. Todd Weiser, Thoracic Surgery

November 15, 2018

Today’s the Day – So Kick the Habit!

Can you accept the challenge of not smoking – for just 24 hours? It could become the first step to a smoke-free life.

The most significant cause of lung cancer is cigarette smoking and tobacco use. Tobacco smoke has been shown to contain over 4000 chemical compounds which are cancer-causing. It has been estimated that the risk of lung cancer for a cigarette smoker is 25 times higher than a non-smoker and five times higher in pipe and cigar smokers.

Quitting smoking – or at least taking the first step today – can be one of the best things you ever do for yourself. Counseling, support and medication can greatly increase your chances of success. At White Plains Hospital, we work with local pulmonologists and primary care physicians to provide the support you may need.

Lung cancer screening allows people to be checked for early signs of lung cancer before developing any symptoms. Identifying early, potentially treatable lung cancer is of great benefit. To find out more about the Lung Cancer Screening Program at White Plains Hospital, call 914-849-7515.

Dr. Todd Weiser is the Director of Thoracic Surgery at White Plains Hospital.

Dr. Todd Weiser

Dr. Todd Weiser is Director of Thoracic Surgery at White Plains Hospital. He sees patients in White Plains and at our Middletown and Cornwall offices. To make an appointment, call 914-849-7655.