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The Armonk Outdoor Art Show

September 18, 2018

The Armonk Outdoor Art Show

Engage your senses to help you relax – and heal

A 2010 study in the American Journal of Public Health reported that engaging in artistic activities, either by observing the creative efforts of others or by creating your own masterpiece, can contribute toward reducing stress and depression and can help to ease the burdens of chronic disease.

Recently, health psychologists have begun looking at how the arts might be used in a variety of ways to heal emotional injuries, change behaviors and thinking patterns, and reduce the physical symptoms of illness.

White Plains Hospital offers a range of art therapy and Integrative Services for the healing of mind, body and spirit. These include guided imagery, aromatherapy, beading, a knitting nook, the Drumming Circle, yoga and other practices.

On the weekend of September 29th, the Hospital will bring some of its holistic services to The Armonk Outdoor Art Show. Details and discount coupons are available at this site.

White Plains Hospital will host a table at the Art Show that will focus on the five senses and how each sense connects to a particular form of relaxation and healing. Stop by our table to experience relaxation services and giveaways that will engage your senses and help you relax—like dark chocolate, herbal teas and artistic photographs.