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Take That Vacation… Guilt-free

July 10, 2018

Take That Vacation… Guilt-free

Even a short break from work can help reduce stress.

Dr. Richard Ellsasser, director of psychiatry at White Plains Hospital, recently returned from a vacation and took a few moments to remind us all why taking time off is so important.

He said that chronic stress can be a part of any job and that stress can impact mood, sleep, memory and relationships – both inside and outside the work environment. Particularly for those in “helping” professions such as hospitals or community support organizations, where putting the needs of others ahead of your own can lead to feelings of isolation, loneliness and even depression. Taking time off, even for just a short time, interrupts this cycle and allows for a mental and physical break from a demanding job.

Dr. Ellsasser notes there are studies that indicate rest and recuperation from work also can improve a person’s perspective on their job, their home life, interpersonal relationships, and their connection to faith, personal health and well-being. Time away creates the opportunity to re-focus on a diet, exercise or simply getting back to the things you enjoy doing.

It’s not necessary to go far to reap the benefits of time off. Even a “stay-cation” can be rejuvenating and provide the opportunity to recharge mentally and physically.

Finally, Dr. Ellsasser points out that it is important to leave the guilt behind. You work hard and have earned some time away from work. And you should use that time wisely. Your work will be waiting for you when you return. So relax, recharge and rejoice in the time you have to take care of yourself. You earned it!

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