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No Gym? No Problem!

White Plains Hospital

March 23, 2020

No Gym? No Problem!

Eleven highly-rated sites running free promotions to help jump start your at-home wellness routine.

No gym? No problem! Thanks to the virtual world we live in, there’s no reason to give up on your fitness and wellness goals while we all shelter in and practice social distancing to stop the spread of coronavirus COVID-19. Even many professional athletes around the world are turning to online workouts and body weight exercises to stay in competition shape. White Plains Hospital's fitness experts compiled their favorite at-home wellness videos and apps for anyone to do at home – no special training or equipment required.

Calm App

A great app for sleep, meditation and relaxation. Take a moment from your work from home schedule and use this app to lower stress, decrease anxiety, and practice mindfulness. The app offers breathing exercises, guided stretching, and relaxing music. Programs also range in levels from beginner to advanced.

Corepower Yoga

Corepower Yoga is offering free access to their online database of classes. Do yoga in the comfort of your own home while following an instructor led class. Get your kids involved and have them try the yoga class with you.


Dancers turned instructors provide energizing, easy-to-follow dance moves in different backdrops to mix it up for a great cardio workout using muscles you didn’t know existed.

Fitness Blender

This site contains a wide range of free workouts that require little to no equipment and vary in length and intensity. Use the advanced filter settings to find the right workout to fit your needs.

Home Workout

This bodyweight fitness and training app provides daily workout routines for all main muscle groups. All of the workouts are designed by experts and require no equipment.


Not just cycling, Peloton is a fitness company that offers instructor driven classes allowing individuals to complete their workout from the comfort of their own home. Peloton is offering a free 90-day trial for their online fitness classes. Classes include strength training, yoga meditation, running, and additional class formats.


This YouTube channel offers a variety of fitness classes including Zumba, core workouts, stretching, and more. They also offer an exercise routine designed specifically for kids. Have fun and get the whole family involved.

The Bar Method

The Bar Method specializes in bodyweight exercise routines, allowing individuals to complete their workout at home. The site is currently offering 14 live-streamed classes for free prior to sign-up. Classes range from 15-60 minute workouts, and include warm-ups, upper and lower body workouts, and cool-downs.

SELF YouTube

This YouTube playlist offers a variety of quick and easy instructor directed classes. The workouts require little to no equipment and range from 10-30 minute routines.

Sleep Cycle

While working from home, it may be easy to fall into an unhealthy sleep cycle. Utilize this app to track the quality of your sleep. The app will provide a detailed sleep analysis, and over time will track your long-term sleep trends. Sleep is essential for an overall healthy lifestyle.

Wellness Mama
This is a fantastic resource for all things health related. Whether you are looking for recipe ideas or healthier home products you will find it all here. For articles, podcasts, home remedies and more, check out Wellness Mama.


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