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Lost your focus on your New Year’s goals already?

White Plains Hospital

February 19, 2019

Lost your focus on your New Year’s goals already?

Don’t give up. Just refocus!

One of the biggest causes of failure is making your goals too specific or unrealistically ambitious. If you resolved never to eat ice cream again, the first time you slip you feel like a failure. If you set yourself the goal of running a mile a day each day of the week, it is easy to backslide.

But if your goals are broader and more realistic, you have a better chance of being successful – and faithful over the long run.

So, if you have been eating a large bowl of ice cream every evening before you go to bed, you may want to resolve to cut it down to three times a week. If you’ve never run before, then maybe resolve to walk for 15 minutes four times a week.

Making it your broader goal to develop healthier habits can help to ensure your ultimate success and resolve.

So, if you have already given up, there is no better time than the present to get back on that bike, put down that spoon and to start over. Resolve to do something – take a small step – to contribute to a healthier lifestyle, and see where that leads you.