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How to Survive Your Vacation

White Plains Hospital

August 3, 2018

How to Survive Your Vacation

Though taking a break to get away for fun and excitement is good for you, you should never take a break from safety.

Most relish the opportunity to get away for a while. Whether for an extended vacation or just a weekend jaunt, the break from routine can be healing. But there are also hidden dangers when we explore unfamiliar places and engage in unaccustomed activities.

First of all, if you are traveling outside of the country, it is recommended that you visit the State Department website for any country-specific recommendations.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also has a page dedicated to Travelers’ Health, which covers most of the common vacation-related injuries and illnesses – including “adventure travel.”

People often attempt things on vacation that they don’t normally do at home – zip lining, swimming, snowboarding, water skiing and hiking. Before engaging in these activities, it is very important to listen to the instructions that are given and to use all of the available safety equipment. Take lessons and be realistic about your fitness level and your skills.

Also, people on vacation often tend to rush – to catch a train or a plane. Combined with casual footwear (like flip-flops) it could be a recipe for trips and falls. While your friends may find it funny to see you flat on your face at the boarding gate, a nasty fall could result in a missed connection or, worse, time spent in the ER!

Enjoy your vacation. And stay healthy and safe.


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