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Getting the Men in Your Life to the Doctor

August 10, 2018

Getting the Men in Your Life to the Doctor

How do you convince the man you love to go to the doctor?

The American Heart Association (AHA) suggests that there are (at least) ten reasons why men don’t go to the doctor. These range from a lack of time and funds to personal modesty and the fear of what he may be told. So what can you do to convince him it’s important to get an annual checkup?

Remind him about the power of prevention. Annual screenings are recommended for a reason. They have been shown to help catch problems at an early stage where they are more treatable. If he doesn’t have a physician, you can help him find a physician he feels comfortable with and matches his insurance coverage. Websites such as list physicians and their specialties – some even have photos and videos of the doctors so he can find a style that fits his.

Do not make an appointment for him without his knowledge. But you may offer to accompany him if that makes him more comfortable.

Gentle encouragement, even from the whole family, can also be a game changer. How about you and members of the family write to him to let him know how important he is to you and why all of you care about his health. Other men in the family might even be helpful by offering recommendations for specific physicians. And, sometimes, an ally outside of the family – like a respected friend – might be more convincing.

Remember, the AHA points out that there are no good reasons not to see a doctor. Only excuses.

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