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HEALTH Matters

Thinking About Getting Pregnant?

Three pieces of advice from an OB/GYN. Just deciding that it’s time to start your family is cause for celebration! Because there’s just so much to do during this exciting time, here’s a checklist to help you focus on some of the tasks at hand now and during the subsequent nine months: Understand your cycle. … Read more

How to Choose the Hospital That is Right for You and Your Baby

You’ve picked a name and color for the nursery, but have you chosen your hospital yet?Many expectant parents don’t give their delivering hospital a second thought, thinking all hospitals are equipped to deliver babies, right? Not all hospitals have the same philosophy, equipment or level of staff expertise and specialty, especially in high-risk situations. As you … Read more

Incontinence Has Gotta Go!

Breakthroughs to benefit your bladder. Concentrating at work, relaxing at leisure, or even getting a good night’s sleep isn’t easy when the urge to urinate intrudes, as many women seeking help can confirm. And you don’t have to suffer from accidents to benefit from treatment. The broader problem is really urinary issues: not just incontinence … Read more

Simple Is Best When It Comes to Playing With Your Baby

You don’t need expensive toys to give your baby’s development a boost.  Marketers do a great job at making parents feel guilty for not buying the latest baby toy, promising hours of entertainment and developmental benefits. They soon find out that a baby’s attention span is about two to three minutes per year of their … Read more