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HEALTH Matters

Most Golfers Play With Back Pain

How to prevent pain for a more enjoyable golf game. One of the greatest golfers of all time, Tiger Woods, struggled with back pain that was so severe he would drop to the ground in visible pain. When he finally opted for spinal fusion surgery, it revived his career. You may not play like Tiger … Read more

Simple Is Best When It Comes to Playing With Your Baby

You don’t need expensive toys to give your baby’s development a boost.  Marketers do a great job at making parents feel guilty for not buying the latest baby toy, promising hours of entertainment and developmental benefits. They soon find out that a baby’s attention span is about two to three minutes per year of their … Read more

What’s Your “Creatinine” Level?

Getting this tested is the best way to prevent a silent disease. The kidneys are often misunderstood organs. Everyone is born with not one but two of these fist-sized, bean-shaped wonders, which are located on either side of the spine, below the rib cage, behind the stomach. Here is how they work: Each kidney is made up … Read more

5 Essential Pandemic Travel Tips

Taking the right precautions before you embark on public transportation can help you have a safe and healthy trip. The weather is getting warmer and thoughts are turning to summer travel. Many people are starting to feel more confident about taking public transportation once again. According to the Deloitte State of the Consumer Tracker, 43% of … Read more

Day Camps are Back

Summer means fun at day camps throughout Westchester. The benefits of children experiencing summer day camp are endless and can last a lifetime. “Children gain independence, self-confidence, learn new skills and the value of teamwork at day camp,” says Dr. Samantha Lowe, a pediatrician at White Plains Hospital Medical and Wellness in Armonk. “Camp is … Read more

Having a Colonoscopy? Know What to Expect

Colonoscopies are pain-free and a valuable health check. Preparing for a colonoscopy can be stressful, but knowing what to expect when getting ready for a colonoscopy can make the procedure easier. “Screening and having a colonoscopy are effective weapons against colon cancer. A colonoscopy can detect early-stage colorectal cancer when it is easiest to treat,” … Read more